Steel Drums for Sale


Sub: Sales offer for Steel Drums

Commodity: Steel drums, 210 liters capacity, as per specification and pics attached.

Quantity: Monthly 500,000 PCs – up to 500,000,000 PCs x 12 = Annual contract according to buyer’s requirement

Price: USD $12.95 CIF ASWP

Commission: Seller to pay USD $0.30/Pc to be shared by intermediaries on both sides.

Origin: Europe/Middle East/India (Seller’s Option)

Irrevocable and one-time transferable DLC MT700/SBLC MT760 for 1 month purchase, assignable, divisible auto revolving on monthly repeat basis payable 100% at sight. The DLC must be acceptable and duly confirmed by one of the top 25 AA Banks, allowing disbursement upon presentation of shipping documents at advising / disbursing bank counter, along with SGS or equivalent inspection report at loading port for quality and quantity.
Buyer to furnish DLC format/verbiage which their bank will issue in our favor. This is intended to get advance approval of the proposed instrument from our receiving bank.

Performance Bank Guarantee: The Seller must furnish 2% Performance Bank Guarantees for every monthly shipment.

Inspection: SGS OR equivalent inspection report at loading port at seller’s cost.

Insurance: 110% To be covered by the seller.

Validity: This sales offer is valid up to Aug 12, 2022.