Hire A Mandate You Can Rely On…Muhammad Bey

Appoint a Mandate that will focus on the needs of their clients, not their own ego’s!

Are You Tired of your Mandate Spoiling Deals because their Egos and Greed got in the way of closing even the most Lucrative Deals? Are you Tired of loosing Opportunities, wondering what happen to that deal you sent your mandate to Close?

Does your mandate spend more time playing king of the hill, than trying to come to understandings that lead to deals closing ?

You …Are Not Alone.

In my long Experience of Working on Deals over the Internet, one thing is clear, many people are NOT fit to assume the role of mandate!

How many Times Have you Heard someone say This?

“It was the usual problem, no body wanted to move first, either John would not OR could not show the POP, had he done so we might now be watching the deal close Harry! That said, there is no point in me taking sides or blaming anyone, I see this everyday, one deal after another blown out of the water due to one side or the others inability to act.

Driven by a combination of cowardice and mistrust, most deals fail at this point due to the inflexibility of or the outright inability of one party or another to act, if John really wanted to close a deal , he might have had the presence of mind to think of a way to get Bill what he needed, instead, he did not even try.”

Too many So Called Mandates have problems ranging from Affluenza, ( too rich to understand when they are being a Jerk!), to an assortment of daddy and mommy issues, unaddressed traumas, misplaced guilt, envy and unconscious racial bias to really be considered reliable enough to see a trade deal through to conclusion.

Engage a Person who will not let greed, bigotry or some irrational fear of who is going to make more than they are cause them to forget where YOUR Interests and theirs Lay! Engage a New Mandate, someone who has worked all their adult lives and understands the need for and the Power of fairness and even handedness, someone who is much better equipped emotional and morally at making deals flow than those who got the Job because they had daddy’s Rolodex in their back pocket!

I have Been a Solider, A Corporate Executive and have served in many Roles related to Business while serving as an aid to an African Royal Household. Self control is the key ingredient in getting complex deals involving many differing personalities concluded! Along with vital skills such as follow through and Diplomatic Skills !

I have 20 years experience in customer support, I understand the value of being a team player and that cultivating an atmosphere of mutual respect between rival parties goes a long way toward concluding a successful deal!

If you have had enough bad experiences dealing with mandates that do not perform, contact me!

Appoint Muhammad Bey as your Buyer or Sellers mandate, I will focus on the Job at hand, I will do all I can to bring all parties to the table in a spirit of Mutual Respect and I will respect the commission structure as it, with out making outlandish demands for more money!


Contact Me Now and Lets Close some deals!

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