Dear Visitor…Welcome

I will make this Brief.

Anyone who comes to us for service may expect to be met with the most professional service the Internet can provide.

However, it has been our experience that many people come to us with expectations that are not realistic.

We are no different than any other Business conducting trade over the Internet.

We have standards of practice and procedures for moving forward.

Anyone who wishes to waste time asking excessive questions, when the answers are in the information packets we supply, or endlessly worry about commissions or finders fees before we have even seen a fully vetted buyer or spend time trying to gas light our group by needlessly calling into question our honesty or fitness to offer service, should understand that such efforts will not be entertained . Too many would-be brokers and other persons, many suffering from narcissistic tendencies or harboring various forms of unprocessed trauma.. think they can come to our door spewing bilious non-sense and exercise their demons, all to cover the fact that they do not have a buyer or are unable to perform in the midst of our company .

This is a mistake!

We are in the Business of selling Fuel to ready buyers, not wasting our time with dysfunctional brokers and their non-performing Buyers, we routinely cut off or block time waster and BS artists seeking attention! work with us…and we will help make you Rich!
Work against us and we will Ostracize you!

Thank You and Good Day.