Fuel From Central Asian Refineries

Refineries in Europe and Central Asia

We work directly  with Refineries.

All documentation comes from the Refineries, from CI on down!

Your client will receive five days free of charge in the seller’s tank.

 After they do a dip in the seller’s tank the buyer and the seller will exchange SGS documents.

 Your dip in the seller’s tank is completed first before the seller issues their copy of the SGS to your buyer.

 We have fuel in Rotterdam every week.

 Please bear certain things in mind.

 We work directly with the refineries,  we are part of a trade desk whose owner and manager has been in the fuel business for 40 years,  his father has been in the business for 60 years and they are well acquainted with the entire Global Oil Business. There is no long chain of Brokers, only myself, my contact and his boss and they are direct to multiple refineries across Central Asia.

 I myself do not function as a broker but as a facilitator our group together functions  as sellers more than anything else.

 The only way to get oil through the Consortium of refineries we work with is to follow the procedures and work with us closely.

 The refineries themselves do not have websites or 800 numbers or chat lines where you can call either to do business directly or circumvent myself and my partners.  They do nothing but process fuel.

About One of the Firms we work with:


Noroil does not supply LNG/LPG/Petcoke. 

Noroil supplies any and all refined fuels and crudes, with the exception of sanctioned countries and their product lines, and they do not deal with Pemex. They can supply FOB Rotterdam or Houston, or CIF ASWP. No requirement for tanks/vessels up front, logistics can be nominated later, buyer’s exit can take discharge. Payment MT103 is due within 5 days of successful discharge. FOB or CIF, makes no difference to Noroil, fuel fulfillment and discharge comes after SBLC/BG MT760 is issued, 2% PB issued bu Noroil, and full POP is sent bank to bank. 

 If you are serious about being considered for on-boarding with our refineries, you must adhere to  the procedures as laid out.

  1.  the buyer must show that they have their Logistics in order for them to say they need to show proof that they have a place to put the oil once they purchase it.  They can do this by showing a TSR or in the case of a ship a Q88.
  1.  the buyer needs to show that they are dealing exclusively with this transaction and future transactions with the top 50 World Bank. Make Sure your Bank is on THIS List
  2. If you are a broker, please understand that due to the nature of our relationship with the refineries, commissions are not paid, but instead A Finder fees will be paid to all intermediaries. There is no need to concern yourself about ncnds as the fee agreement is baked into the contract,  we are not in the business of cheating intermediaries we are in the business of selling oil and therefore all intermediaries must be paid.
  3.  If you are unable or unwilling to adhere to these pre-onboarding criteria by verifying Logistics and declaring that you work with a top 50 bank… then we cannot move forward.


 Once your buyer is vetted and is determined to be an active buyer, they will be allowed to speak with the seller’s partner and ultimately with the seller themselves.

 It will be at this point where the buyer and the seller get on the phone and actually work out the transaction,  all other parties including myself will be in the background.

 Once the deal is secured, all intermediaries will be notified.

 Regarding the prices we submit for consideration, please understand that while there are other prices noted across the internet, often lower prices than we offer, please understand that in many cases the people offering those prices may not be able to guarantee full acquisition of the given allocation.

Often such low prices are merely an enticement to enter into a deal and render up documentation which may be used to commit Fraud. In some cases your buyer may only get a partial deal, a month or two from their fuel contract…if any from those who do not fully control the allocations.

 In our case, however, those who control the fuel at the refineries have paid hundreds of millions of dollars to control these allocations and have complete control over them, thus allowing the potential buyer to be practically guaranteed that they will receive the product when the contract is complete.  

 The only way for the refineries and ourselves to prove proof of product …is for a ready buyer to follow the procedures and show that their logistics are in order and that they are dealing with a top World Bank and if they pass that stage and only if they pass that stage will they be considered for on-boarding and speaking to the sales staff.

 We have neither the need nor the desire to shop your documents around.

 If you are a legitimate buyer and you work with us you will never need another seller again!! 

We have a constant flow of vessels into Rotterdam/Houston, with fuel in tanks like clockwork, every week. Typical vessel deliveries – 8-12 or more per week.

Your order will be served immediately via available fuel in the tank on the day the CI is issued, after DD finalizes (1-2 days). The CI and DTA are structured almost simultaneously, allocating tanks holding fuel for your orders.

All documents are issued direct from refinery to the buyer, on refinery letterhead, signed by the CEO of the refinery. Buyer pays the raw refinery cost to the refinery bank. 100% refinery direct supply, managed via the seller’s allocations.

The person with the logistics has to come forward and be on the ICPO!

To prove to the refinery that you are a real buyer,  the reseller or whom ever, must do the first lift… the hard way! That is to say with their own logistics and money.

After the first lift…you can bring in logistics from an exit buyer!

They must have either a tank or a vessel, we can do Tank to Vessel!

The buyer gets 24 hours to pay after the dip in the sellers tank.

The buyer must have the money AND  logistics to do the the first lift, if they do not have the money to pay with in 24 hours  the deal will fall through,  24 hours is NOT enough time to scurry about and  get funding! They should have a credit line or cash and logistics in place.

If the exit has the logistics and the reseller does  not, that is why the exit must come forward and be in the ICPO, the CI and so forth, IF the reseller has their own  logistics, then they do not.

Our system is NOT designed for people who do not have their own logistics, but for those who do.

This is how buyers earn their position in the market, buying from a refinery.

Most  people who contact us are running the GET LUCKY  business model where they hope someone will hand them an SGS, so they can activate their buyers money.

We are not running a Lottery!

The reason we are such sticklers for logistics is that the party in question MUST control the money and the logistic…or they will not pass compliance!

See the Documents below for details on the products Available.

Regarding Current Prices

Platts —15% / All Fuels

JA1, EN590, D6, D2, Crude Oils
Non-Russian, Non-Kazakhstan

Min $200M/Month Fuel Contract
Min $300M BG/SBLC Security

CIF — Any Safe World Port
FOB — Any Major World Port

Regarding the -15 Plat Pricing

The contract functions in that,
on the discharge of the fuel.
When you’re doing a lift off the contract,
they take a three day average and that three day average is the
the plat’s market price for which they determine the discount.
So the discount today is irrelevant to what you will
pay on each lift because it will vary from lift to lift
based on what is the plat’s market at the time of the lift.


  1. Simple CIS/KYC or CP
  2. Buyer/Seller Call
  • POF i.e. Tear Sheet, Bank Statment or Screenshot
  1. Buyer/Seller Tabletop Meeting
    Seller Flys to Buyer or vice versa
    Seller Shows Proof of Deliveries
    Contract Negotiations & Signatures
  2. Buyer BG/SBLC & Seller 2% Performance Bond
  3. Product POP & Shipping Docs
  4. Product Discharged FOB/CIF
  5. Buyer pays MT103 by 5 days



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Listen to our Basic Offer Outlines Below

Contact us for more details and an option to speak with the Direct Contact for the Purchase of Oil. Contact us




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With Regard to the Payment method of DLC in the above document.

The DLC is Not Transferable , Not Assignable, Not Divisible,

With your PO in hand the buyer and seller go bank to bank on a SPA,

After Vetting and Phone Calls with the seller and his Partner.


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Contact us for more details and an option to speak with the Direct Contact for the Purchase of Oil. Contact us