Gold From Mali

Gold direct from Local Mining Organization.

We have up to 500 kg Gold Dore bars available . Gold price is $40,000 / 999.99 purity .

The buyers have to pay for the $210 per kg so that we the seller will pay for all the expenses.

List of expenses to be paid for buyers are :
i. Certificate of Origin,
ii. Certificate of ownership,
iii. Certificate of Non-Criminal Origin
iv. Certificate of Insurance
v. Declaration of intention de exportation and Tax clearance Certificate.
vi. ETD and ETA in the form of Airway Bill must be provided to the Buyer
(vii) Government tax and insurance and customs
Viii) Seller pay visa and ticket.
1) Frais DNGM = 1%
2) Honoraires des Agréés en Douane = 1%
3) Assurance. = 1.5%
4) L.T.A/ Freight =1%
5) Intervention Transit. = 0.05%
6) Seller will issue copy of export documents to buyer prior to shipment as well as the notice of shipping details.
If you are agreed, you can send me an LOI addressed to: PURITY GOLD MERCHANDISE, MALI for the FCO and related documents.

We Look forward to hearing from you. Thank You!

Muhammad Bey