West Texas Intermediate (WTI) And Other Fuels Via US Refineries

We are direct to Sellers of WTI. and Other Fuels such as :

EN590 – 300k MT· JetA1 – 2M bbls· D6 – 200M gallons· WTI – 2M bbls
· LNG· LPG· D2

Others we provide and MOQ upon request – Made from our Refineries in USA

Availability Subject to Change due to War in Ukraine

We, with full corporate and legal responsibility herein, confirm with full corporate authority under penalty of perjury availability and capability to supply the following commodity offered below.
FOB Houston
Standard industry specs
95,000 bbls (+/- 5%) first lift, followed by 200,000 bbls
Up to 1,000,000 bbls per month
Platts – 0.50 per bbl
SGS /CIQ or Equivalent
MT103/TT Wire Transfer / SBLC for contract (nominated a/c)
The liftable quantity is according to End Buyer’s capacity and his logistics to receive the product. Commission per above is split 50% Seller side (closed) and 50% for Buyer side (open)
The attached Terms & Procedures are an integral part of this FCO.
This SCO shall expire at COB of the valid till date unless an ICPO is received on or before the expiry date.
Please note prices are not valid after valid till date and are subject to change without notice. Please also note the ICPO is not valid unless received as per procedures

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As Stated on the website : https://www.trade-oil.com/west-texas-intermediate.html

West Texas Intermediate, more generally represented by the initials WTI, is also sometimes called Texas Light Sweet by certain brokers. It is actually a type of crude oil used by the economists as a standard value to determine the crude oil price as a commodity on the exchange markets, within the framework of futures contracts. This quotation is priced on the New York Mercantile Exchange, which is the principal world commodities exchange.

There are three major types of crude oil throughout the world that are used as oil reference prices according to their production zones. Therefore, for European oil, Brent from the North Sea acts as the reference, whereas for the OPEC countries, it is the Dubai crude which is referred to for the price determination.

As for the WTI crude oil, it is quoted in almost all economic announcements from this sector in the United States and North America.

Interested Parties Should Contact us using our Contact Form